Latest interview for Change Underground: Change Underground vs Just Movement

  • Release JMR040 is an EP by Nicolas Petracca & Ezequiel Anile called Deneb. Remixes of Li-Polymer and Gvozdini
  • Release JMR039 is an EP by Tash called Blasphemy. Remixes of Pole Folder and Matias Chilano
  • Release JMR038 is an EP by Paul Deep & Marin Gardoqui called Gehenna. Remixes of Stage van H and Adnan Jakubovic
  • Release JMR037 is The Winter Sampler 2017
  • 025 / 036 not described yet
  • Release JMRCD003 is Winter VA Compilation Album. Containing 10 originals and a continuous mix.
  • Release JMR024 is an EP by Rafa Él called Hyperion. Remixes of Mariano Montori and Ryan Sullivan
  • Release JMR023 is an EP by Stergios called City Groove. Remixes of Stage van H and Nikko Mavridis
  • Release JMR022 is an EP by Nicolas Petracca called Atem. Remixes by SomeLittleThings and Yuyiy From Russia
  • Release JMR021 is an EP by Luciano Scheffer called Tribal Fun, Remixes by J. Rodriguez & White Resonance, Robert R Hardy and Manu F
  • Release JMR020 is an EP by Monojoke. Remixes of K Nass, Tash and Alejandro Manso
  • Release JMR019 is an EP by Julian Rodriguez called Partano Grande. Remixes by Dar & Dor, Nicolas  Petracca and Rogier & Stage van H
  • Release JMR018 is an EP called We Are by Stage van H and Stergios
  • Release JMR017 is the debut of Zweiliner. EP is called Boheme. Remixes by Rogier & Stage van H and Julian Dep
  • Release JMRCD002 is Just Summer VA -Compiled and mixed by Alexisphere
  • Release JMR016 is an EP entitled Emotional Rescue by Manu F. Remixes by N. Petracca, Julian Dep and D. Gomez
  • Release JMR015 is an EP by Rogier & Stage van H called Jericho, remixes by Stergios, K Nass and Tim Robert
  • Release JMR014 is an EP by Yuriy From Russia called Salton Sea, remixes by Rogier & Stage van H and Manu F. 
  • Release JMR013 is a Remix Album of Stergios' Regeneration. Containing tracks from CODA, SEQU3l, Stergios and Alejandro Manso. 
  • Release JMR012 is the debut of Marcelo Paladini. entitled Librarian. remixes by Rogier & Stage van h and Robert T Hardy (making his debute aswell). 
  • Release JMR011 is an EP of Rogier & Stage van H called Buenos Aires. Remixes by Matias Chilano and Ewan Rill. 
  • Release JMR010 is the debut of  D. Gomez & Manu F, entitled Freyja. Remixes by Rogier & Stage van H & Ewan Rill. 
  • Release JMR009 is an EP of Rogier & Stage van H, entitled Aura. Remixes by Namatjira and Michael A. Releasedate 
  • Release JMR008 is the debut  EP of Tash (Movement Rec) entitled 'Rebirth' including remixes by Navid Mehr and Uvo & Ibarra. 


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