Just Movement opens the new year by welcoming Mind Of Us to the label for their debut single. Hailing from the UK, this trio of producers first emerged as Mind Of Us in 2021 with a single for Framewerk’s long-standing Capital Heaven imprint. Immediately noted for their nostalgic progressive sound, Mind Of Us would go on to release their first artist EP for Pro-B-Tech Music in 2022. It was the following year which proved to be the most prolific however, one where the trio would go on a creative swell and in turn land key projects via 3rd Avenue, Afterglow, Freegrant Music and Univack, amongst others. Now, looking to bring that momentum forward into 2024, Mind Of Us adds Just Movement to their resume with ‘Forever’, alongside a remix from RIGOONI.

The original mix leads the release off in grand fashion and only furthers the trio’s mesmerizing sound. Strong kick drums and a backdrop of glowing textural bliss provide the anchor for creamy arps and layers of flickering percussion. Cruising effortlessly across the first movement, there's a strong sense of flow as chunky bass stabs and ethereal vocal fragments steal the air, not only adding buoyant swing, but an emotive rise leading into a calming break. Hazy harmonics and further vocal manipulation continue to elevate mood as the centrepiece takes shape, conjuring up bucolic imagery, before a tasteful build spearheads an uplifting finale.

The release concludes with RIGOONI making his label second appearance, debut was the amazing remix of Govinda’s Novena) with the lone interpretation of ‘Forever’. Hailing from São Paulo, Vinícius Souza aka RIGOONI has been rising out of Brazil’s electronic music underground with a sonic aesthetic which is both organic, and effortlessly cool. A 2019 appearance on Nick Warren’s Balance compilation proved to be a breakout moment for RIGOONI, setting the course for a consistent stream of superlative releases via UK behemoth Anjunadeep, Higher States, Songuara, The Soundgarden and Warung Recordings, amongst others. Now, as 2024 begins to take shape, RIGOONI returns to Just Movement with a gorgeous rendition of ‘Forever’. Rather than burst into a dancefloor whirlwind or electronic symphony, RIGOONI’s interpretation evokes its emotions through slow burn repetition, emphasizing its conceptual charm and painting idyllic scenes of solitude, as phasing vocals and quirky bass modulation unveil a semi-conscious dreamland, before the Brazilian’s melodic attitude reveals itself during a second act of mesmerizing musical progression.