The latest release from Just Movement welcomes NeoTraffic to the label for his debut EP. The Russian artist first appeared on the progressive music scene in 2015, before eventually landing releases on established imprints such as BC2, Clinique Recordings and Superordinate Music. Now bringing his melodic sound to Just Movement, Neotraffic presents the ‘Sunrise’ EP. Spread across two tracks it’s the deep, driving vibes of ‘Sunrise’ which get the release underway. It’s warm foundation is made up of meaty kicks and a rolling groove, while airy atmospheres, electric rhythms and effervescent percussion heighten the senses above. Muted tones develop across the first act as hopeful overlays lead into a glowing break, perfectly setting up an emotive finale. The release concludes with ‘Parade of Planets’’ which furthers the driving, hypnotic mood of the EP. Anchored by a warm and wonky groove, it’s luminous melodies come alive early, resonating beautifully against a backdrop of emotive chord changes and radiant pads. Tasteful piano lines cascade through the framework, further pushing the emotive narrative into a suspenseful break and purring final movement. It rounds out a fresh EP from NeoTraffic, who makes an excellent Just Movement debut, while continuing to stake his claim as a rising talent in the progressive underground. Highly