At the young age of 6 years and throughout his life, Karim Nassar was introduced to the world of classical music becoming a proficient pianist.

Early in his childhood K Nass had been musically inclined and constantly composing classical piano material, while practicing and reciting Chopin, Bach, Rachmaninoff and others. At age 18, through his travels in Spain, Karim was introduced to the Spanish acoustic and modern guitar and started playing amongst friends. At that same time he was also familiarized the world of music recording, software instruments and professional music production.

Throughout his youth, K Nass was always listening to deep progressive music, from the likes of Sasha, Digweed, HernanCattaneo, Satoshi Tommie and many others, and was influenced by legendary albums and records such as Renaissance, Balance, Global Underground and many more. K Nass has now taken up electronic music production, finding a wider avenue for his musical expression along with playing the piano and guitar.

He has released with well-known labels such as; LuPS, Stellar Fountain, System Recording etc, and continues to produce originals and remixes. Karim’s music is primarily deep/melodic progressive house and he is still developing his sound and sonic abilities.