Bruyndonx Patrick is well known as one of the old school Belgian top producers that has released a long list of super music in all kind of styles. He's always been evolving in styles as the years went by.

He may be old school but he has the best new tricks in the trade. He started his career as a dj in 1991 playing all big Belgian clubs for 15 years. BP is his new alias since 2010. Under his BP alias, he played at Cafe d'Anvers, Kazantip, the Egg in London, Tomorrowland and various parties together with people like Guy J, Ramon Tapia and Hermanez to name but a few. His tracks are played by artists like Carlo Lio, Dubfire, Hernan Cattaneo, Guy J, Sahar Z, Guy Mantzur, Sasha, Sean McCaff, etc the list is too long to name.

We all know the legendary club theme anthem by Red Carpet "Alright" a major worldwide hit which is still being remixed every year. You may also know another alias Hatrixx and the track "Pressure" which was also written and produced by him. In 2013 he dropped some deeper stuff on Guy J's “Lost & Found” label including the slamming track "Inspirado Por Usted" (means ‘Inspired By You’ as the track was inspired by a dj set of Ricardo Villalobos ). Other big releases that climbed the charts were released on Ramon Tapia's label AELLA. The first was a collaboration with Frank De Wulf entitled "Inferno Disco" and the second "Shall Be Saved" which was remixed by the big man Ramon Tapia himself !

He's now working on various BP (Bruyndonx Patrick ) releases, for labels such as Sudbeat, Lost & Found and Plattenbank. He also still knows how to move a crowd on the dance floor with his deep warm and sexy vibe, so you definitely will hear more from him in the next years to come.