Just Movement,  The Story.....

Just Movement Recordings was launched in early 2014. With this label we started a collab with Movement Recordings (GR) and launched our own favourite and upcoming DJ/Producers. Since then we have released 100+ releases, including 8 Albums!

Before this happened  Just! Music Events was the corporate identity and was founded in 2010 out of passion for Underground and Electronic Music. We saw from the sidelines how dance music grew up from the raw adolescent period in the early 90's to an adult mainstream industry where DJ’s no longer just play records but are artists and performers.

When the opportunity came to work together with Movement Recordings and to combine their experience and passion for music, Just Movement was born..!

With the amazing first event on 17 december 2010 with GUY J, followed on February 25th 2011 presenting Jody Wisternoff from Way Out West! An established artist with big fame with fellow companion Nick Warren. But as a solo artist very succesfull too with famous uplifting and melodic sets. As warmup we have the talented producer Tash, co-owner of Movement Recordings, Saloniki, Greece.

Then, when the label was born in 2014, we also started organizing events  at the Recycle Lounge Gallery Club in Amsterdam. We have had the pleasure of inviting Pole Folder, Roger Martinez, Arturo Hevia, Dmitry Molosh, Ewan Rill, Robert R Hardy, Tash, George Fil, Milos, Interaxxis, Ziger, Simos Tagias and Dousk e.g.

Then we joined the huge festival ADE in 2016 and have been hosting our label showcases each year since then. As a result of all the hard work, we also joined Movement Bookings as an agent in the Benelux in 2020 and have signed 6 exclusive artists.